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Does anyone have the specifications for the Qualitone loop? It would be interesting to build one and see how well it works.

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I am aware of 2 versions. Duro Metal Products, Chicago. I have The Deluxe.
See photo attached. The Qualitone on the left, Fiat on the right.
The second photo is the other version, which I do not have.


Thomas, There is one on ebay now - the version I do not have. Item 191029691868

Gives you more photos. The BIN price is quite excessive in my opinion so I am not interested.

If you want basic dimensions of the other version, let me know at


The second photo, showing the collapsing loop antenna with the box which Dave posted, currently resides in my collection. Here's photos of it on the Antique Radio Forums. I currently use it to run my 1927 Melo-Heald 11 superheterodyne.

What specifics do you need?

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