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Hi, I've had one of these for about 12 years, it was restored at that time, having issues with the tuner, anybody out there have some expertise in why it simulates reception as if there were no antenna and yet the antenna is connected, possibly an internal wire not connected?

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There is a switch on the back of the tuner chassis for external/internal antenna.  The switch looks like a short potentiometer shaft with a screwdriver slot.  Make sure it is in the external antenna position.


Thanks, I'll give that a try
I adjusted the switch, it unfortunately did nothing, on am with the sensitivity all the way up I get a partial strong station, with fm nothing, what do you think?

I restored an 800B some years ago for someone, and the FM sounded good.

FYI - with a little rewiring, you can change any AM button to FM, and vice versa. But it takes a little forethought so you get the rear housing adjustments in a workable order.

Check that the AM/FM relay in the tuner chassis is really functioning. Also read the instructions about certain controls being in the correct position to allow the AM/FM relay to operate.

Try different positions of the bandwidth switch.

I thank you both for your insight, I was aware of the position that allows switching from am to fm with the push buttons, that works as it should, I just don't seem to find an answer for no reception though, if you guys know of someone more knowledgeable than myself in the San Francisco area maybe I could bring them the tuner chassis to troubleshoot, thanks sgain

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