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Scott allwave 12 deluxe amp, can it power a allwave 23 tuner?

Hi to everyone. I have seen a allwave 12 deluxe amp. Can it power an allwave 23 tuner. I am new here and have no idea of power output on these units. my thanks in advance

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Bruce -


I'm sorry to say that the Allwave Deluxe amp cannot (for many reasons) power an AW23 set. It's not just a power supply, it is also an amplifier and the two different parts are not compatible. The AW23 power supply is relatively unique and no other Scott power supply/amp will really work for a 23 tuner. Although it won't be an even trade $$-wise, I'd look to buy a 23 supply and offset it by selling the Deluxe supply. 

There are a couple of 23 supplies on ebay at the moment. One is a bit pricey but clean and restorable. The other is fairly rough but still salvageable. Maybe others here will have additional thoughts.


Another question. The allwave 12 deluxeamplifier has 2 speakers, I believe a 8" and a 10". Can these speakers be used on a allwave 23 amplifier? My thanks in advance

Again, those speakers won't work with the AW23 either. Speakers in the 1930s are not like modern speakers, they have a field coil and are a part of the power supply. Different power supplies were designed to work with different models of speakers, For the AW12 sets, you're right: they had the dual speaker arrangement and later changed to a (compatible) single 12 inch speaker for the Deluxe. The AW23 only had a 12 inch speaker but did offer optional tweeters. The various Scott tuners, power supply/amps and speakers have to be matched to the right pieces. In many cases, Scott used different plugs so people couldn't interchange (and potentially damage) the sets.


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