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Scott cabinet needed? Have wood working skills?

Check out this Ebay item  -  eBay item number:184194447675

This is an empty mid 1950 's Chinese motif Stromberg-Carlson TV cabinet - black door version.
The black cabinet, with hand painted doors seen in 3 color variations - red, black or yellow. 
Artist signature is in the artwork. Door artwork differs from cabinet to cabinet, but very nice.
This cabinet is sturdy and, with careful re-design, could even accommodate a Philharmonic.
This eBay item appears in very good cosmetic condition.
I re-purposed a red door version cabinet allowing for a 15 inch speaker.
I kept the exterior all original but gutted the inside. Detached the tongue & groove glued down top.
Removed  the TV screen and control panel, TV shelf, small speaker board  and grill.
Router to remove the tongues and sistered 1x1 stock on the top of the sides.
Added a floor to the cabinet bottom. Veneered the tops of the sides and curved front.
Also, added 1x1 stock to further reinforce the junction of the sides to the new bottom.
Filled the grooves of  the underside of the top. 
Used pocket hole joinery to added new rear 1x3 hinge support for the top.
Installed a new receiver shelf with room for the 15 inch speaker below. Made a new grill. Gold cloth.
Fashioned new panel area in a way to allow for a variety of Scott panels.
Selected my shelf queen 1941 Scott Laureate with 15 inch speaker.
Kept the "S" knobs original walnut color.
Used black lacquer for all the interior and panel surfaces and underside of the top.
photos - first the black door eBay listed TV cabinet. (I just suggested re-list it with a Scott reference).
Then my red door repurposed cabinet photos.

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Nice job Dave


 Nice work. I couldn't help noticing an RCA in the background. I have the same radio by GE with the square dial in almost the same cabinet.  


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