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I'm working on a 1938 Scott/Capehart. The original Capehart was missing.

I located parts for re-installation. How do I "marry" the two units ?

When I push the phonograph button on the Scott remote tablet the pick up will work.

How do I power up the Capehart relay box to activate the turntable motor etc.

I have 2 styles of Capehart relay boxes not sure which should be used ? 

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Although I do not have a remote operated Philharmonic with the Capehart changer, I do have one with a Garrard RC-6 changer.  The changer on this unit has a relay added by EH Scott Radio Laboratories to switch the power on.


Hi, Richard Groman asked me to upload some photos of his Scott - Capehart.

The first photo is the front of the cabinet.

The second Photo is the rear of the Scott receiver chassis.

The third photo shows the magnetic rocker switch which is energized one way when the "RADIO" button is pushed on the remote control, and rotates a switch plate setting up contacts. When the "PHONO" button is pushed on the remote control, the switch is energized the other way rotating the switch which sets up another set of contacts.  

This switch was hanging on the side of the cabinet beneath the receiver when Richard got the unit.  The only function that this switch currently seems to perform is when the remote is in the "PHONO" position, it allows the phono cartridge to operate, and when in the "RADIO" position, it cuts off the phono cartridge and energizes the radio receiver.  Perhaps this switch also energized the phono relay in the Capehart junction box, but I don't know if you want 110v AC in that switching unit. 


I have been restoring a late 1939 Scott Phantom Deluxe (20 tube) with remote control.

That radio/phono relay (with mounted wafer switch you pictured) should operate on 24 volts AC.   Being a remote control Philharmonic, the amp should have a separate 24 volt step down transformer mounted inside. The 24 volts AC is used to operate the radio/phono relay, and both electric motors (for the volume and for tuning).

My experience is that there are 3 single pole double throw switches on the wafer.

1) Radio/phono audio ahead of the volume control,

2) Cutting voltage in the IF amp to quiet any radio signal,

3) I am still in the middle of fully understanding the 3rd switch, but seems would control a phonograph, per Norman's comment above. 

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