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scott chassis,power supplies, cabients and sets for sale

I am near Dayton ohio an have lots of scott complete radios, some restored and some as-is, also chassis, power supplies

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Folks - I've visited Ron and he has some very restorable sets. Send him a note if you want more info!


Hey Ron been in contact with you on Ebay. Do you have any remote control harnesses?

John Chidgey said:

Hey Ron been in contact with you on Ebay. Do you have any remote control harnesses?

Not sure what one would look like, but pretty sure I don't have one. Sorry!

Hello. I'm looking for a AW23 power supply and am in Colorado, so it would have to be shipped. 

Thanks Steve Pierce

970 215 5880

Greetings Steve,

Just checked for your AW23 power supply and I won't be much help to you. I have a "bare bones" PS with only the two smaller transformers and it is rough cosmetically. There are two more that are in complete radios but their chrome is not great either and I would have to ask too much for them if I started to part out a compete set.

Sorry I don't have better new for you.



Totally understand. As for the 'bare bones" ps, does it still have the electrolytic cans and sockets. And would you happen to have a big transformer. It doesn't need to work. I built a fully functional ps/amp from off the shelf parts. I was thinking of gutting the ps and hiding my components inside. Just thinking out loud. What do you think ? Thanks Steve

I'll have to look, but I may have an AW23 power transformer. If you two figure something out, I'll check...


I am attaching ;pics of the PS chassis and a transformer for AW23. The transformer came from estate of John Pansing, a one time president or the Dayton antique radio club SPARK and a professional audio engineeraw23psbottom.JPG. He was an avid collector of Scotts and McMurdo sets. The transformer is labeled as GOOD.





Hey Ron and Kent. Yea, this one is a bit rougher than I had in mind, but thanks for the offer. Steve

I'd be interested in your inventory, if you have a list.


Is there any kind of list at all?    

I am currently bringing back to life a 1941 Laurette that needs a functional crossover.

Working on 3 Scott 800B-6's.   Looking for 1 or 2 of the aluminum accessory loop antennas and mounting brackets at the back of the turner.

Would love to score a Beam of light version of a Philharmonic at some point.  

Love this stuff -having fun with it!


Hi Ron, looking for a Warrington cabinet for a Philly, a 15" speaker and the crossover for the 4pc hi-fi option. Thanks!

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