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I will begin by saying that I do not know the seller and I am not associated with this item for sale.

I post it only to give a lead to someone trying to complete a Scott console.  I am guessing it would be for an early 40's console?

SCOTT 6A GARRARD RC50 RC 50 Record Changer Turntable For Parts or R...

obviously, there is something broken/missing.



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Guessing it is post war being an RC-50, 78 only I think. And being in GB,  MAY be adjustable to USA voltage.

The Garrard RC-10 and RC-30 were the two models of 1940 & 1941

The Garrard RC-50 was pre-WW2.  The changer offered is a Garrard RC-6/6A as marked however it is either a late model or the overarm was added making it appear to be an RC-30.


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