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There used to be a number of issues of the Scott News at this URL:


That link is no longer working. I have searched for another website where the Scott News is posted, but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone else have a working link to issues of the Scott News?

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Ted - I've seen this site before too, I didn't know it was gone. I have all their issues and quite a few more scanned in as PDF files. If there are specific issues you want, I'll be glad to email them. I have been looking for a low cost place to set up file storage for things like this, manuals, service data and photos....Kent

Thanks, Kent. I'll get back to you.

Ted .. There is a site called On The Shortwaves that has scanned copies of 27 issues of The Scott News. The address for the items is:

It is a really nice site for anyone interested in the history of shortwave listening.

Thanks for the link to the Scott News.

Ironically, I looked at one of the 1939 issues today and it hi-lited the Philharmonic 30 tube set and showed all the current Scott cabinets also.

The Buckingham cabinet was listed as only available with the Masterpiece and Phantom Deluxe chassis NOT the Philharmonic.

YET, 2 existing Buckinghams with a Philharmonic installed in them have shown up with photos on this forum in the past 2 weeks. That indicates to me it must have been a special installation, truly custom.

I noticed the Philly chassis just barely clears the side panels when seen from the back. Perhaps slots were cut to clear the side bends and plate screws.

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