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I was planning to list a "project" on ebay, and then I decided that I would offer this first to the folks here...if there is any interest.


I have about 75% of a Shield Grid 9 gathered up. I will not get to this project myself, so I think it should go to someone that will be able to get it together. I have the following parts:


1. front panel, escutcheons, knobs

2. all required variable condensers and brackets

3. two National drum dials

4. chassis brackets

5. two rheostats and a fixed resistor

6. filament switch

7. fixed condenser and grid leak

8. Scott volt meter

9. female cable plug

10. original hookup wire

11. hardware (screws, nuts, bolts)

12. Type 600 copper IF unit, hollow..

13. Type 620 copper can, hollow

14. complete instructions


What is needed: (assemble the Type 600 unit), find/make plug in coils, base panel w/tube sockets, a type 640 output transformer.


If you are interested in this "project", email me at



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For anyone considering this, I have been working on cleaning up and "digitally remastering" the original docs Scott provided for this set. In the attached PDF I have:

  • Assembly, wiring and using the SG9
  • Same as above for the power amplifier (you can of course use the SG9  as a straight battery set with an ARBE-III).
  • Instructions for the shortwave coils.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Schematic and Wiring layout "blueprint" diagrams for both the SG9 and Amplifier, in 11X17 printable format.

The typewritten instructions have been reformatted and have minor edits, including new illustrations -- some taken from original marketing literature, others newly created or suitably embellshed from original sources. The attached PDF is missing at least 3 items I am aware of:

  • A diagram showing the wiring changes needed for a phonograph (referenced in the instructions).
  • A top layout blueprint view (companion to the wiring diagram). I actually have a photocopy of this but it's extremely muddy.
  • A station log for the dial (referenced in the instructions)

Thanks to Kent for providing a PDF packet of the original instructions I was able to OCR.



OK....nobody said they wanted it, so it is up on ebay....

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