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Hello- I recently obtained a 12" Tauscher board for my AW23 to replace the one that was listed as "discarded" in October 1948 on the paperwork that came with the radio.  Having never seen one before (and this is still the only one I've ever seen in person) I did not realize that it is missing some components from the back side of the board.

If someone that has an intact 12" Tauscher board would be so kind as to post some pictures and dimensions of the pieces that are missing from mine, as well as let me know what they are made of, I would like to try re-creating that which is missing from mine.  I am aware that opinions vary as to whether or not these boards improve or diminish the sound; not trying to open that debate here.  Just want to restore this one back to the way it should be. 

Thank you and best regards-

Troy Taylor
Edmonds, WA

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You will find a number of close up photos by googling "Scott Tauscher soundboard" but the version you have is a late version developed by EH Scott, not the usual version found by the search.  I will post a photo of the late version this coming week.


EH Scott's patent shows the hypex cone oriented in the opposite direction.


Norman - never seen that version before.

That little diffuser cone would face the speaker's cone, I presume.

I have two examples of the "normal" 12 inch version the  Taucher Sound board if someone is interested in my extra one. 

Yes, the diffuser cone would face the speaker.


Thank you Norman for the picture! What is the cone made from? Would it possible to include the diameter dimension at both the top and bottom of the cone, as well as the height? I think I could re-create this shape if I knew what the correct size and material is supposed to be.

Best regards-
Troy Taylor

The cone is a thick paper product.  There is a remnant of the material under the head of the center screw on your board.  3-1/2 inches wide, 2-inches tall, 5/8-inch inside diameter at narrow end.


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