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  I am fairly new to this list and this is my first post.  Although not Scott related I see other's discussing McMurdo's so I hope I am not violating any rules.  With that said, I have a complete MP6 and would like to find a Clifton or similar McMurdo Silver cabinet that can house the 3 pieces.  Anything restorable or reproduced I will consider and also pay a fair price.  Thank you in advance.




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I have a very nice Sparton 109/110 cabinet that was modified to hold a McMurdo Silver MP5. 

Mike -McMurdo Silver Masterpiece radios are indeed an occasional topic and mention here. Was serious competition in the 1930's.

Bruce - what a nice example of a repurposed cabinet. - Dave Poland

I should have added the Sparton cabinet is for sale for $500

I bought one of Richmond Designs' cabinets used from a 3rd party.  It's a nice cabinet.

I think an original cabinet by itself, would sell for less on eBay than RDI's repro.  Problem is, they so rarely come up.

You can have it 'now,' or you can have it 'cheap,' your choice.  And of course, now isn't always so quick, and cheap isn't always so inexpensive.

Y2K Bruce said:

I should have added the Sparton cabinet is for sale for $500

Hi Bruce

     Do you still have that Sparton Cabinet?


Y2K Bruce said:

I should have added the Sparton cabinet is for sale for $500

Yup=still have it covered up in my spare bedroom empty

Bruce if you could since the cabinet is empty now can you take pictures of the front and the back for me. Also my email is if you would like to trade cell phone numbers with you and give you a call.

Will try and take some new photos this week.Its a very nice cabinet and I suspect was a retro by a MS rep as the faceboard change was very well done like a factory job plus the top lid is hinged which I dont know if that was normal on Sparton cabinets

I have a friend that also might be interested in that cabinet - if the OP passes. Pictures would be good.


Hi Bruce
Have you sent pics yet

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