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I have a full set of Scott coils but the pin configuration does not fit my AW12 2 dial. I understand Scott produced various configurations of coils:

1. Why?

2. How many different configurations were made?

3. What different sets did they fit?

4. Is there a simple way to determine what set mine fit? 



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I am aware of two different coil sets. The most visible difference between the early and late coils was the addition of a center pin and contact switch under the chassis for the RF coil. This allowed Scott to do away with the two different grid leads (red/black) inside the RF tube cover. Later chassis just have a single grid lead and inserting the SW coils causes the contact switch to change the grid connection. Unfortunately, I'm not absolutely certain that the center pin on the SW RF coils insures it is a "new" set. This problem is unique to the AW12-2 only. PM me and I can look to see if I have a set to trade to get you running...

Kent, thanks for your help.  I will be digging everything out this weekend and will send pictures of what I have.



The picture illustrates the difference in the coils I have vs. the socket in my Allwave12.  The coil on the right with the asymmetrical pins fit my radio.  The one on the left doesn't.  I forgot to check to see if this is the RF or the oscillator coil.  I noticed that the 3 higher frequency SW coils I have look similar to the one on the left with the symmetrical 4 pins but have an additional center pin.

Interestingly, the coils on the other side (RF if the ones that don't fit are the oscillator coils) all fit my set, so it is only the one family of coils that won't fit.




Joe -

I went out to the workshop tonight and dug through my AW12-2 coils. First - the 4 pin coils like you have pictured are for the oscillator. All of the coils on the RF side are the same, using a standard 5-pin tube socket with a center pin. The asymmetrical pin arrangement is the earlier coil set, so you have an early chassis. Later, Scott utilized a standard 4-pin socket (again with a center pin) for the osc coils. I was wrong about the center pin is used on the osc coils, the two highest frequency ranges don't have a center pin, allowing a contact switch to change settings for those two bands. At least, that is how my set is configured.

I have a handful of extra assorted osc coils with the assymetrical pins. If you can inventory what coils you have that DO fit your set, I'll see if I have any osc coils you might be able to use. I'd work a swap for the newer style pins - I don't have a need for them, but I'll see what I can do to get you going with your set.


I need oscillator coils having the asymmetrical pin arrangement for all the frequencies except the lowest frequency (AM) which works fine.


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