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January 2013 Blog Posts (2)

Thanks, Norm

Hey Norm:

     Thanks for responding.  I guess I'll get some Brasso and Q-Tips and shine it up.  Probably see if it works.  Don't have an outside antenna here, feel a little old for climbing trees but it'll be good to get my other radios a stronger signal. So do you collector guys actually listen to your radios?  I had a guy tell me I could listen to all that on the Internet and I said  "But what fun would that be?"

      Gotta admit I like reading the old ads, and trying to…


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Got Scott

     Hi Folks:  I got the tuner part of a 1940 Philharmonic in 1992.  I got some paperwork too, had to make a power supply (including -150 volts) but I got it going.  I am still an active SWL, haven't used the Phil since 1993, but reviewing my log I see that I DXed the AM band and logged a station almost every 10Kc.  Of course that's an exaggeration but I got about half of them.  With a 60 foot long wire, here in the densely populated East.  I remember well my DX record, one night I tuned in…


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