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AW23 Tuner rebuild.

Greetings Working on the AW23 tuner rebuild.

I replaced the grid cap wire on the ifs. Can I leave it a few inches longer and tuck it back in the can (Im using test probe wire its super flexible) or should they be as short as possible.

Also the condenser trimmers on the ifs have a lot of powdery oxidation.  Any suggestions on cleaning? was thinking of alcohol and a flux brush. Or should I just leave it alone? 



Added by John Perry on March 14, 2021 at 10:19pm — 2 Comments

AW23 Tuner rebuild.

Hello all

I am picking back up on on a project from a while back

I have a Tasman fully populated with tweeters S#N535

An extra tuner,PS and speaker S#Q458

I am rebuilding tuner Q458 first.

Pulled the antenna coil to replace the rotor area wiring.

The inner coil with the 2 fine wires fell out of the tube. It tugged on them a bit but they didnt break.

I put a small piece of painters tape on the sides of the wooden plug and shoved in back in the large coil… Continue

Added by John Perry on February 8, 2021 at 6:49pm — 9 Comments

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