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Broadcast News article: Broadcasting in High Fidelity in 1935

To members: I came across this February 1935 issue of Broadcast News online. It has a fascinating discussion on High Fidelity broadcasting, which was in its infancy, and the challenges at hand. The story has a relevance to  E.H. Scott Radio Laboratories because Murray Clay came from RCA as and electrical engineer in their radio licensing division just before this article was written.  As many of you know Clay was instrumental in helping Scott develop their High Fidelity receivers based on the advancements RCA was making in that area of High Fidelity transmitters and the design of compatible studio equipment at the time.  The story is titled " The Specific Transmitter  Performance Required for High Fidelity" by Loren Jones who was head of RCA's transmitter engineering and starts on page 8.

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Comment by Norman S Braithwaite on May 31, 2023 at 12:01pm

For clarity, Murray Clay was instrumental in development of Scott's FM receivers.  EH Scott Radio Laboratories produced high fidelity AM receivers prior to Mr. Clay's employment with EH Scott Radio Laboratories.


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