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Everyone -

I have the following items for sale. Email me at for more info. All of these are going to Kutztown, but if you email me and we make a deal beforehand, I'll make you a better deal....and all of these are reasonably priced, I need to thin things out around here.

1. Philharmonic Deluxe in a Warrington cabinet, tuner, amp and pedestal speaker, knobs, escutcheons - complete but unrestored.

2. Philharmonic pointer dial, remote control, Warrington cabinet. tuner, amp and pedestal speaker - recapped and cleaned - complete but sold as is.

3. Masterpiece in a Braemar cabinet, complete, knobs, escutcheons, unrestored.

4. FM Philharmonic tuner, amp and 15 in pedestal speaker - unrestored

5. Allwave High Fidelity tuner and amp only, unrestored

6. 800B tuner and amp unit, extra tuner - unrestored

7. FM Phantom tuner

8. Phantom Deluxe tuner

9. FM Phantom tuner (remote control), unrestored

10. Phantom Deluxe tuner, amp and 12 in speaker - unrestored


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