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I've been restoring the early (5 knob) AW23 that was found on a trash pile in Columbus. This was the lightning strike set I wrote about in a different post a couple weeks ago. 

This is a VERY early AW23, there are several unique things about this set:

First, the grid lead to the mixer (6A7) most sets, the lead comes out through the large tuning cap cover and feeds through a hole in a phenolic piece riveted to the 6B7 shield base. On this set, there is a single terminal tie point riveted on the 6B7 shield and there is a solder joint to continue on to the grid cap:

The next oddity was the IF coil covers. The picture tells all:

How many of you with early AW23 sets have these two differences on your chassis?


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Comment by Kent King on September 14, 2022 at 9:36pm

Yes, finished and returned to the owner some time ago - he enjoys listening to it. The green band is really tricky sometimes.


Comment by Thomas Day on September 14, 2022 at 1:10pm

Hi Kent. Have you been able to complete the work on this chassis?
I have J497 working, except for the green band, which I need to figure out, as it does shut down the regulators about half way to the low end. I have done the Scott modification shown, but it hasn’t made a difference. Then, my first Allwave 23, K 486 quit working a couple of weeks ago, I think it may be that the oscillator quit, since there is still noise and static with tests on the grid caps. When I gave you the info on K 486, l mistakenly said it was K 480. 
Thanks, Thom. 

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