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need Allwave 23 power supply/audio amplifier

Greetings everyone.

 I recently found this EH Scott website and have joined. I have an Allwave 23 with the triple speaker and the volume range expander. It is not working and and will take a considerable effort to restore since mice thought the reciever chassis was a great home and have almost destroyed 1/3 of it with their waste.


I have also just found another Allwave 23 but it did not have the power supply/amplifier. I am new to radio restoration and Scott radios in particular. Is there a way to tell if the two recievers might be interchangable? Since the first one was put together with the triple speakers and audio expander, I'm not sure I could swap it with the second reciever I just found since it uses only a single speaker and does not have the audio expander.

Or does anyone know any sites I could monitor that a power supply may pop-up on in the future?

My older Scott has the Tasman cabinet and the new one has the Stamford cabinet.




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Comment by Robert Jackson on July 18, 2011 at 8:33pm


I went back and relooked at my AW23 in the Tasman and you were right, It was the Power supply that had the corrosion inside due to the mouse nest, not the Tuner...  Thanks



Comment by Robert Jackson on July 17, 2011 at 8:12pm


Yep, the mice were all over inside. The nest was packed so tight at one end of the tuner, it acted as a sponge to hold the urine against roughly 1/3 of the components mounted up inside the chassis. The chrome is pretty well trashed all over both the tuner and power supply. The power unit is pristine inside.


Thanks for the advice regarding which cabinet to concentrate on. I have never seen a Stamford before coming across this one. I will work on putting the best components into it. I'm left with the Tasman cabinet to house the worse of the two tuners and the single pedestal speaker. I will be on the lookout for a power unit or eventually just sell the cabinet, tuner and speaker seperately to pay for other projects.



Comment by Kent King on July 17, 2011 at 5:34pm

Bob -


Welcome! For the AW23, you can swap all the parts around interchangeably. The two tweeters are external to the speaker, so you just need to move a connector on the pedestal speaker to use them (or not). The expander is also external, it can be removed, swapped, whatever. And the tuner chassis can be traded too...


Of the two cabinets you have, the Stamford is rarer, so I would put together the best components into that cabinet, including the 3 speaker setup and the expander. Use the best pedestal speaker and tuner chassis to make the best complete set that you can.

Did the mice mess up the chrome on the tuner? I doubt they could have gotten inside the chassis, unless someone left the bottom cover off. I'm sure others will be able to help here too...



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