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Philharmonic BOL Deluxe Selectivity Control

If anyone can look at the underside of a red-band Philharmonic Deluxe, I need to know where the switches and the variable capacitors should be at each end of the rotation. After recapping, I realized this set has been played with and I do not believe the shaft is properly aligned with the control. Any assistance would be appreciated!

BTW - this is not the same as a pointer dial set - the Deluxe has an extra wafer switch on the shaft - so hopefully someone has another Deluxe BOL to examine. 



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Comment by Norman S Braithwaite on November 4, 2022 at 12:55pm

It is not uncommon for the selectivity trimmers in the Philharmonic to come loose due to expansion of the pot-metal collars.  I have encountered Philharmonics with most of the selectivity trimmers loose enough to hang by gravity regardless of the position of the selectivity control.  If found by someone who does not know the purpose and orientation of the trimmers, they may retighten the set screws with the trimmers in the wrong position.

The trimmers should be arranged as follows but I'll have to report back with the position of the selectivity control for this arrangement:

Meshed, Unmeshed Unmeshed, Meshed Meshed, Unmeshed

I seriously doubt that any former owner or serviceman removed the selectivity control shaft (a very difficult task with very little need) hence I do not believe the operation of the switches will have been affected.


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