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I am working on a Philly amp and am finding a number of wiring mods that deviate from the schematic. Some are due to someone bypassing a bad audio transformer and for adding a second phone plug input with volume/mixing pots.

But I also found a 125 ohm Candohm type resistor that is factory mounted to the side of the amp chassis. It is connected in series to the cap connected to pin 6 of the set plug socket and then tied to ground. It doesn't show on the schematics that I have. 

Has anyone seen  this on a schematic?



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Comment by Kent King on October 14, 2016 at 9:14am

Joe - I'm pretty sure that no Scott set ever repaired completely matched a published schematic. I have seen the resistor you refer too, and I'm pretty sure some of the diagrams show it. Did you go to the "Scott Info Archive" link above? In the set folders -> Philharmonic folder you should find more than one schematic. 



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