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Question about original Scott owners.


I am new to the list.  Our museum ( just acquired our first Scott receiver (an A-15 Metro)  for our communications collection, and I am currently involved in restoring it. Since these were custom built radios, I was wondering if there exists anywhere a serial number listing of E.H. Scott's original clients who purchased sets.

I would like to find out who originally owned the set that we just obtained, and I would also like to find out if a set that my grandfather purchased in 1946 appears in the factory records as having been sold to him.


John DeMajo,


Museum Of Yesterday

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Comment by Kent King on October 8, 2014 at 9:05am

John -

As Norman indicated, the original company records are long gone. The Scott organization filed for bankruptcy in 1956, and it was reported that many of the company records (that no one wanted at the time) were hauled to the local trash dump. Reports also said that many tools and dies, castings, etc., were also destroyed. So today, I collect serial numbers and have extrapolated quite a bit of information from them. If you could give me more info about the sets you have (I'm not sure what the "A-15 Metro" is...) and serial numbers, I may be able to narrow down production dates and tell you more about the model. Photos would be a huge help.

You can send to me directly at


Comment by Norman S Braithwaite on October 3, 2014 at 5:28pm


Welcome.  Unfortunately any records associating clients with particular sets would have been destroyed in the late 1950s.  Kent King maintains a list of known serial numbers of Scott chassis that are in collections and some of which have been parted out.  From this list Kent has been able to accurately estimate production of various models and to a lesser extent identify the dates of manufacture of some chassis.


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