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Wondering if the front panel trim on the Allwave Deluxe was originally shiny brass?  Thanks


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Not a standard offering of the EH Scott Radio Laboratories but they would accommodate requests.  Nevertheless I seriously doubt that the EH Scott Radio Laboratories provided a brass faceplate.


If you are referring to the dial and control escutcheons, no, they were not shiny.


Thank you, Norman

For one of my AW-15s, the escutcheons are the correct version and labeling, but are bright gold like seen of the AW-27. The escutcheons were on a cabinet I acquired from an estate collection at a radio club meet. Are metal plated, not painted. One is embossed VOLUME. The other STATIC. Moved them to my Napier.


I have an AW-23, in the Waverly cabinet.  It has a factory installed tuning eye, with the obviously Scott cord, from the eye, going to the 76 tuning indicator amplifier tube's socket.  All its escutcheons are a matte gold color.  It's the only one I've ever heard of like it. 

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