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Does anyone have an Allwave Deluxe with the twin speakers mounted on the beveled boards? (see pic). If so, I would love to get measurements on these, especially the angle of the arrangement.  Thanks!!


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I have them. Mine are mounted on a rectangular board that measures 17" wide, 11" deep, and the unit is 11" high. The top board is 10" x 8.5". 

Thanks - that is great, those pics really help. Can you tell what the angle is (perhaps the depth from the point of the top to the face line?). I may just build something like this to fit the cabinet I have (Olympia). Also, your speaker are different than mine, mine are clearly Rola units, I'm not sure who made those.

Really appreciate the pics!


If I'm reading the protractor correctly, it's 110 degrees. Point to face is 6".

Great, thanks! I'll check to see how that will fit in my Olympia cabinet. I'm not sure if Scott had a standard setup for this or just what fit the cabinet. There aren't a lot of the early 12 Deluxe (non-AVC) sets out there.


I was wondering what Scott cabinets used this speaker setup. I have a complete radio and wide face board but no cabinet. This chassis came from a custom installation in a late 20s high boy- or so I was told. I checked my chassis and it is AVC with the Wunderlich.

I had this twin speaker set at one time. My speakers did not look like yours pictured. I suspect yours are replacements.

My twin  speakers were dissimilar size - like 10 inch and 8 inch. The 8 inch had a movement restricter in the form of a small spider at the voice coil to the screw on the pole piece. The speakers were obviously by ROLA with brown paint and same general construction as the single speaker used on the earlier Scott 2-DIAL all wave.

You dimensions for the two speaker boards sound about right.

I believe the twin speaker board configuration and size were consistent - to fit any of the 1931-33 cabinets. Once the 2 boards were screwed together and with speakers mounted, it just slid into the cabinet and a couple screws to secure to the front of the cabinet. There was no triangular top nor bottom wood like yours pictured. So, there was an open gap between the speaker boards and the overhead cabinet shelf holding the receiver.

My research suggests this time line and evolution for the twin speakers:

1 -The single dial Allwave was introduced Spring 1932 and still used the single 11 inch ROLA speaker and amp design as a carry over from the 2-DIAL model, with a 5 pin speaker plug, voltage divider in the amp and 8 pin receiver Jones plug. I once had this very configuration early ALLWAVE DELUXE. No AVC yet. Same tube line up as the 2-DIAL except the receiver sported 56 triodes instead of 27's

2 - Twin speaker set introduced Summer 1932, at which time the amp changed to a 6 pin speaker plug for the additional wire for the 2nd speaker's field coil in a revised output tube bias circuit. The voltage divider was relocated in the receiver. Voice coils wired in series. Still used the 8 pin receiver Jones plug, I suppose to use up stock of plugs and amp chassis cut for the larger Jones socket. Same tube line up.

3 - December 1932, introduced AVC using the new Wunderlich dual grid tube for 2nd detector in a push-pull detector circuit which also featured audio amplification (a virtual 1st audio stage). Also replaced the 24's with 58's and switched to all  Arcturus blue glass tubes through out. Still using the twin speakers. Again, I had this very configuration ALLWAVE DELUXE with AVC  for awhile, with the small serial number tag. 

4 - Spring 1933, the twin speakers were phased out. The 12 inch pedestal speaker was introduced - a special  version Jensen auditorium theater speaker with two field coils. Electrically equivalent to the twin speakers and are inter-changeble - I tried it.

I measured my speakers. The hole for the larger one is 8" and the smaller one is 6". The larger one has a 745 ohm field coil, the smaller one has 2530 ohms. The wiring matches the Riders schematic. The wood box appears to be a factory build with nice cuts and joints.

Scott and his suppliers often ran into shortages during the depression years, I suspect speakers were a challenge during this time. Also, he changed from a single speaker to the pair and back to a single unit in about a year. I'm not at all surprised to see different manufacturers. I've got two pairs of the Rola made twin speakers, and those two are not identical. Appreciate the info, I'm going to be making a board for mine as I restore this set.


I had a set of these, sans cabinet, several years ago (I think over 20 years, IIRC).  The speakers were those brown framed Jensens , with the Scott label on the back (I think it said "Scott"...may have said "Jensen"....can't remember).  I think one was a 12", and one was a 10".  They looked just like the speaker that was in my AW-12 2 dial.  Like Dave Poland says, the speaker board was a simple "V" shape, with no framework on the top or bottom.  I believe these speakers were Jensens, as I had an early Mid-West AC set, which was branded as "Miraco."  It had a speaker just like my AW-12 2 dial, and it was labeled as a Jensen.  

I forgot to add that the radio that went with the dual speakers was an AW-12 one dial, with the Wunderlich tube.  I don't know a lot more about it, as I didn't keep it long.  

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