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More photos attached.

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Interesting to see one although paired with a receiver other than a Scott. Is the changer functioning?

I have no idea and will need to do some more research before putting power to this.  There is a capacitor bank in the set that I need to check out.  This is a long term restoration project and I want to do it right.  I am looking for a Scott 18 to place in it.  

The Autotrope Corporation in Great Britain offered their changer with radios made by manufacturers other than Scott.  Your example is one of those originally offered in Great Britain.  Few were sold.  When discussing with Jonathan Howes a few years back I believe he was aware of two Autotropes in collections in Great Britain (no Scott chassis models) and that one had been originally sold to Douglas Fairbanks Sr.  The latter is not known to be in a collection but it is possible that it is the one you have.


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