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Hi, everyone. I picked up an AW 15 last year that appears to be complete.  However, I saw this eBay item for cylindrical, chrome-plated "bottom covers" and I wonder where on the chassis they went" I want to look at my chassis and see if I need them.  Here's a link if it helps:

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A photo showing the locations of the bottom shields can be found at

Scroll down to January 2020


Thanks, Norman. I found the pic you referenced below. I'll check the underside of my AW 15 and see if my bottom covers are intact...

I looked, and thankfully, my AW15 has all four bottom covers under the chassis.

But were these bottom covers used on other chassis, too? I have the following chassis that, if it's general knowledge that these bottom covers were used on any or all of them, I'll open them up and see if any of my covers are missing:

AM Phantom
AM/FM/Phono Phantom Deluxe
Masterpiece Model C
Super XII

I've got no problem opening them all up to look, but would rather avoid it if anyone on this forum already knows :-)

Bret - The later sets do not use those covers. They appear only in the Allwave 12/15/23 sets. There are variations of the covers (some with holes, some without, and different side openings for the various leads. Also - note these are almost NEVER missing I can't recall a complete set I've ever opened up and not had all of them in place. It would take a sloppy technician to remove and not replace one. But you don't have to worry about any of the later sets...and finally, if anyone is missing one of these - I've got a dozen parts chassis to take them from. So no worries and for heaven's sake, don't buy them on ebay!


Great advice. That's exactly what I wanted to know. I would have been surprised if these were commonly missing, too. I'll check this forum for any parts I might need going forward!

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