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I have a question for the experts...did Scott ever offer a mirror built into the lid of any of their cabinets?

The reason I ask is that the first collector I ever met 32 years ago had several Scotts in his collection, and had a couple with a mirror built into the top, so that when the lid/top was lifted, you could admire the chrome chassis. Was this original, or something he added?

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Something added, I'm sure. There were folks that added mirrors back in the day, I've heard of a couple found with old mirrors in them. It is possible Scott did something custom for someone too, but I've not seen any documentation on such an update.

The one I recently bought at auction had modifications to the lid: the owner had added a place to keep his station logs and a pencil handy. Pretty ingenious updates, although I will probably remove them for originality sake.


Most of the Scott cabinets were short enough for most people to peer upon the chassis when the lid was raised.  Some cabinets were tall.  I have an AW-27 in a Roslyn Grande cabinet with the phonograph and record lathe mounted in the middle of the cabinet below the tuner chassis.  A former owner (probably original owner) had installed a mirror in the lid to show the chassis.  I am certain that the mirror was not added by Scott Radio Laboratories because the mirror is 1/4-inch thick plate glass, heavy enough to quickly make a pretzel out of the lid stay if I let go of the lid when raised.


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