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What are the correct knobs for Scott Philharmonic "beam of light" (without FM)?

I saw two versions - with wooden knobs and with plastic knobs.

Are wooden knobs the same for Phantom and Philharmonic?

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My Philly "Beam of Light" WITH FM has wooden knobs.  Can't say if other versions have the same.


Are they the same as in the pic I attached to the message above?


Exactly!    Brass escutcheons behind them.
For reference, my FM beam of light has original wooden knobs.  I wonder if the plastic was used on earlier Phillys and  later models had wood.....
I hate to say it, but there are no one "correct" set of knobs. Philharmonic sets have been found in original condition with both wood and plastic knobs. There is even a set of wood knobs (including bat handles) that look like the knobs used on the AW23. It's my belief that Scott had supplier issues and used wood "S" knobs whenever they were available, but plastic knobs sometimes were used too.
My Philly has the bat knobs and plastic like knobs..Pointer dial Angelo : )


What is a "bat" knob? Any pictures at hand?


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