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To All:

Presently there is an oil painting reported to be of EHS on eBay. The painting dates from 1914. While this may indeed be a painting of someone named EHS, this oil isn't a painting of the EHS we know.

In 1993 I visited New Zealand and spent a month with the relatives of EHS. I have several photographs in my collection from the family of EHS and a few of these date from this period. The oil painting on eBay isn't the EHS that we know. This painting is of another person.

I have no doubt that the gallery selling this oil painting is a reputable gallery. Rather, there is a mistake in identification of the subject matter.

Hope this clarifies any questions.


John T. Meredith

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I totally agree with John....definitely not the E.H. Scott of radio fame. I suspect (as John does) that it is a case of mistaken identity. I see that it ended at $135, I hope the buyer isn't too upset to find out about it....

The seller was certainly insistent that it was EHS! 

The facts are as follows:

1. The painting was painted by a New York artitist in 1914 who specialized in upper class New Yorkers.  EHS was never in the US before 1919. And, EHS never visited the US before 1919.  (documented)  I doubt EHS had the financial wealth to afford a oil portrait in 1914.


2. The auction house the seller acquired the painting from can not provide any evidence supporting the painting is EHS or extensive provounce of the painting except it came from Eli Buck's estate.


3. The artist died in 1919. (documented)


4. The eyes of the person in the painting are painted brown.  EHS had grey eyes!  (documented)


5. EHS had a scar at the beginning of his left brow too!  Something not present in the painting. 


6. Careful review of period photographs of the facial features of EHS show significant differences in the nose, mouth, and eyes as compared to this painting. 


I suspect that Mr. Buck may have thought it was EHS without a careful review or documentation of the identity.  Possibly it was sold to Mr. Buck as EHS.  Thus, the persistent confusion and mis-identification of this portrait.


Hopefully, this painting does not come back around as EHS, and that the present owner actually does the research that is required.


Finally, if this had truly been EHS, the price would have been substantially higher.






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