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Take a look at ebay item 121355822307. This is the fairly rare Export receiver, with an amp and speaker...probably sold right after the end of the war,. I have no benefit from the item, just wanted everyone to see one of the rarer sets.

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Is a strange hybrid with Laureate and 800 B.

The Export receiver bears no resemblance to a Laureate chassis.  The Export receiver has the broadcast band plus three AM shortwave bands and has no FM band.  It was manufactured after WWII probably in 1947 and used some parts left over from E.H. Scott military contracts.  The export receiver was not advertised in the United States for a couple possible reasons.  1) In annual shareholder reports the Scott Radio Laboratories was declaring that they expected to be paid for the military materials on hand upon termination of the military contracts and 2) the Scott Radio Laboratories may have been concerned about the use or release of parts produced under military contracts to the public (or the appearance thereof).


Thanks for your comments,Norman!
The resemblance of the Export with the Laureate is only for the dial and escutcheon appearance of course...

Also with the 800 B relative only for the knobs.

I appreciate a lot your interest and technical comments always so precise.
Best regards.

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