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Everyone....I have finally spent some time getting Google Drive set up and I have created a couple folders of useful things that any of you can download. Go to this link:

(I'd suggest you cut/paste it and then bookmark it!)

You will find folders for Scott News issues and also "Set Folders" with manuals and data. Most everything is PDF, so grab Acrobat reader if you don't already have it. Let me know if you encounter any problems. You won't find this by doing a web search, I have limited access to those that have the exact link only (which is this group only!)....good luck!

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Angelo - more than half are posted....I have 90 in my list, and there are about 55 or so in the folder. I have originals or good photocopy of the 90 I know of. You ask how often they were published....the answer honestly is "randomly". There are periods of time where they came out monthly, but with months missing. There are times where it was very sporadic. And the numbering system (Volume/Number) is totally a mess. I am going to add my "Scott News Index" to this folder....folks, what I'd like you to do is this:

Look through your SN issues and if you have something that I do not have in my list, let me know so that I can add it. Also, if you are willing, make a PDF scan of the issue and I'll get it posted into the folder as well. Thanks everyone!

Hi i noticed the number system was a mess!Iput hen in order by month ,till i came to the 1940s .Wow so they random published them ,maybe they are linked to new  cabinets or sets or new circuits ect.Scott sure was busy it seems.Allways wondered about just went on after Dec7 th 1941 till the war ended,read the books.Many companies  during the war worked on new designs while cranking out war production!Darn shame EH Scott is still with us today! Angelo

Kent; Wonderful resource! Thanks so much for taking the time to make these documents available to everyone. Your effort is appreciated.

I have added some new materials this month. There are over a dozen new cabinet pictures and an index for the Scott News issues. I will continue to add to this resource as I have time!

Kent, thanks very much for adding this great resource to an already great site!

OK folks....I've simplified the access to the Google Drive page with the scott data. Just bookmark this page:

That is now set up as a redirect to the Drive storage. Should be easy enough to remember too, I hope.


Thanks for a  great resource.

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