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Glad to have found this website!

As a retired hobby, I've restored over 100 radios in the last 9 years or so. And I'm finally getting around to my first E.H. Scott, which is an AM/FM Phantom deluxe in a Chippendale Grande cabinet. To see some of my work, check eBay for a Sparton 1268. One of the few I currently have listed.

Info is really all I need now. After checking all the usual schematic sites, including the ones here, and my original Rider's, I can't find an appropriate schematic. This is a 22 tube (including the voltage regulator and 2 eye tubes) chassis, not including the amp. It originally had the 3 speaker system, but the only thing left is the woofer and the crossover.

Also, it's missing 3 tube shields, and 15 out of the 16 shield caps. Other than continuously checkin eBay for these, are there any available elsewhere? 

I'm in the process of stripping the entire cabinet now, and it looks like the chassis will have to be rechromed.

Thanks for listening to me, and I look forward to any replies.


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My diagram is correct.  Pins 2 and 3 and pins 1 and 4 short together at the same time when the bandswitch is in FM position.  I just rechecked my unmolested/unrestored  AM/FM set to confirm that is correct.   Of course, there is always the possibility that it was not correctly wired at the factory.  Maybe someone else can confirm continuity between these pairs of pins on their set.  My other AM/FM set doesn't have factory tweeter switching. 

Just to add certainty to my post above, I checked over my diagram.  You need to jump 2 sets of pins.  In a Butterworth crossover, the bass is taken off of the capacitor, and the treble off the inductor.  That is exactly what this switching does.  With FM off, the OPT drives the 15" speaker directly with no filtering.  Yes, diagram is correct. 

I can concur with Scott's schematic, this is exactly what my AM FM Philharmonic has/does.

Thanks Scott and Karl! 

I'll double check my little switch rig - I know it works, you can hear the tweeters cut in and out throwing the switch. It's been awhile, I probably forgot exactly what jumps what for each position - I'm also sure Scott's diagram is correct.



Some Phantom covers just came up on Ebay.  Message the seller, he might have more. 

Saw that this morning. That's all he has. But thanks for watching for me.

Hi,I also want to know how to jump the wire, 1+4 & 2+3? Hope the treble is ringing all the time, also I wonder if the tuner has a crossover inside? Otherwise how do they work? Mine is a 33 tube Philharmonic.

Scott Seickel said:

附件是我的网络扬声器设置图。您可以从图中看到它是如何工作的,以及 FM 上哪些引脚短路。 

RR-303, see my post above on previous page where I attached a diagram of the network speaker.  That should help you along with the info above in this thread. 

What speaker setup do you have for this set?  Crossover and 15" speaker plus tweeters that plug into that crossover?

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