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just joined...very cool. need help with specs or any info/ advice on this mono unit. I think from pics I have seen on this site, in photos, page 8 posted by Glenn Osmi that I have a 16A radio chassis. the serial# on mine is 1815...or 1816...old guy here and just can make it out.....but identical to shortwave band, one eye...except mine also says microphone , next to television on face plate.( no television in cabinet) that radio image is #009. Mr Osmi also posted in image 011 the amp chassis he has.It is also identical to mine. It has amp # 11239 on side. Sure would like any info that someone might be in the mood to provide on that amp chassis, I do have the cabinet with phonograph and speaker, at my sons house in Ohio.( could not get in car , so just took the 2 chassis). I had a fellow replace caps 10 years ago or so and not been powered since so kind of afraid to plug into the wall, and I am old unremarkable ordinary man who knows nothing. I would like to find someone willing to go through these 2 units for me so I can use regularly...along.with some other equipment, like tape deck or phono. So...long first post. Any help /advice so very much appreciated

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Ken -

I just came across your post...unfortunately, there aren't too many folks doing chassis work anymore. Most folks are in the same boat I'm in: I have too many of my own sets to work on. You'll need to get at least the speaker, you can't power the 16A without the tuner/amp/speaker all plugged in together. And you're right, it should be checked out a bit before power up. 


thanks for reply.....the speaker and plug are being sent along with the turntable. I have not attempted to power up and will not until spkr and plug get here. guess will see how it acts when time comes. anyway thanks for nice response. yes...not too many who can work on these...should you have any thoughts in this regard would appreciate if you would advise. thanks again ..ken

Ken -

Where are you located (roughly)? Also, what level of knowledge do you have? With the 16A, if you have had someone look at it fairly recently, a power up is not too dangerous as long as the set has the proper fuse installed. With the right fuse, if the set has an issue, it will likely blow the fuse and then you'll know it needs an expert's touch. If you get lights and a bit of sound, some of us might be able to talk you through some other things to try. Let us know when you get the speaker....thanks!


thanks, Kent

In Apopka florida...which is just outside Orlando. really appreciate reply and will let you know as soon as daughter gets around to sending spkr/plug and phono.  She is young  dentist at Ft she will get to it. thanks for fuse info

and will let you know what happens when powered up......probably be 2 weeks or so as we all are meeting in Salt Lake City this weekend to roll down some bunny hills. ...really appreciate reply Kent...Thanks ..ken

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