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need small gear under platter of webster-chicago 106-1

fellow SCOTT members do any of you know where i can buy the small gear under the platter of a Webster--Chicago record player, i had 2 of the gears but for some reason it took most of the teeth off,i need a supplier for parts for same,.... let me know if you have had the same problem and please let me know how to fix it


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You probably can get what you need from Gary Stork at

He's quite reliable and very helpful.  He's in (I think) Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Dave Vincent

thank you for your help


John: Are you looking for the gear on the bottom of the platter that drives the cycle cam or the cycle cam itself?

At this point the cycle cam is probably only available from another changer. 


thanks for the help i well try to make a mold for it i have lost about 5 teeth so if i do it right i can form it and turn it 5 teeth and add more plastic i hope it works


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