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Philharmonic (and others): What styles of knobs used and when? (plastic, wood, pinch, metal, etc.)

This ebay auction, ending in moments, is already bid up to $227.50 for a nice set of knobss for a Philharmonic. Wow

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This is a fascinating thread!  My AM/FM Philly appears totally original, even including toned knob escutcheons to match the darker wood. It has wood knobs, and the oval eye tube escutcheons. It makes me think Scott put on whatever the customer wanted.

Philharmonic Front View


I have seen only wood "S" knobs on the Super 12, Scott 14 tube Masterpiece, Phantom models and 1942 Scott Laureate. I have only seen the brown plastic on the  Scott 16 of 1937-8. I have or have had several of these models and seen a number of them at Estes Auction over the past 20 plus years.

Repo cast knobs for the Philharmonic were produced in the mid 1990's by the now defunct EHS Historical Society at which time we knew a lot less about about Scott radios. That is over 20 years ago and some folks may have purchased them to put on a BOL Philharmonic because they were different. And someone may have scavenged a pair of the cast metal knobs from a rough Philly to put on a better example. Scott took in trades and perhaps knobs were were changed to make them look more up to date like the latest version. We will never know for sure.

Incidentally, Kent King and I both have a 16 page Scott brochure that features the AW-23 Allwave Hi-Fidelity, Philharmonic and Model 16 along with the Scott Autotrope (a 30 record changer) which which places the brochure in late 1937. The Scott Autotrope was featured in the December 1937 Scott News.

Hi Dave,

Can you send me a copy of that 16 page brochure?  I do not think I have seen this one.  I have the SN for Dec 1937.  Or, can this brochure be added to the information archive?


John Meredith

My Philharmonic 30 Pointer dial; has 2 cast knobs that came with it ,and plastic knobs that slide on.Have owned it since 1978...

Dial pointer, Scott Philharmonic, capacitor on chassis marked Aug 17 1937, the set has the two metal lever knobs.  The set came from the original home, original owners who were not "radio collector/restorers".



Hello all,

My Philly BOL was an early example according to Mr. King.  It has been about two decades since I gave Mr. King the serial number, and I believe he said it was made in the first quarter of 1938.  I got it from a family who had received the radio second hand, when there uncle, who owned a repair shop purchased it from a customer.  It was never in the hands of a collector, and it is equipped with the metal flippers.

David W.  

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