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Hello all,

Did Scott produce any directions for the Philharmonic remote control?  Was there frequency indicator strips on the back panel near the adjustment nuts??

Thanks in advance


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John -

I don't have any manuals on the Philharmonic with remote - but there was a manual done for the model 16...look in that folder for the instructions with "robot control". It does have a few things about the remote system in it, and they are the same for all pre-war models. 

I've never seen any frequency indicator strips on the back. Basically, you tune the set to a station you want on the stops, then turn the next number stop until it "falls in" on the notch in the disc. Rather crude system, but it will work well enough for strong stations. The 16 manual says "do not try to set stops for foreign (SW) stations"...I'm sure you would be disappointed. 


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