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On my 16a there is a dual segmented .05uf capacity on each of the main power wires to ground. It’s good. But it’s 75 years old. Any issues removing it and putting on a grounded polarized power cord?

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I have seen these old mains capacitors blow in to a million pieces- paper confetti everywhere. 

The capacitor(s) are there for EMI/RFI filtering, so regardless of having a grounded cord, you should have capacitor there.  Use a proper rated "Y" capacitor for the job.  I have never grounded any of my Scott power supply chassis, and it seems to me that nobody does. 

Thank you. I’ll replace it.

Use 0.015 mfd or less.  Otherwise the caps will trip GFIs.


Any recommendations on a “safety” cap? Having trouble finding one  among others sells the safety caps. 

I never thought about the inrush of these tripping a GFCI.  I don't run any radios or test equipment on a GFCI, so I usually stick with what was original to a device. 

David Zrout said:

Any recommendations on a “safety” cap? Having trouble finding one

Awesome. I’ve never heard of them. I will check it out. Thank you.

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