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I know - how am I asking this, right?   

Does anyone know if there is a schematic showing the pin connections for the Philharmonic and/or Phantom FM sets with the Jones plug connectors?

I can't seem to find any, but it could just be lost in the 22GB of Scott files I have....<sigh>


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Kent - look at the Scott Laureate info in Riders vol 14 pg 29,30 which uses Jones plugs and sockets.

For the speaker plug - the Laureate wiring appears identical to the Philly speaker plug wiring. Philly, Phantom Deluxe and Laureate all seem to use the same speaker or the optional multi unit Hi-Fi system. Note Jones pins 1 and 2 are a 115 V AC jumper to assure the speaker is plugged in for the set to power up.

For the set plug, I think the Philly Jones plug wiring would be pretty similar to the Laureate, except allowance for the 6L6's being on the receiver instead of on the power supply chassis. Be a matter of some tracing to confirm most pins are the same purpose: filament, B+, 24 volt (if equipped), negative bias 27 volt ..., etc. And trace the rest. 

Curious if my supposition holds true.

Dave's suggestion on the Laureate was solid. Everything but one pin is the same...and the Philharmonic and Phantom are the same, only the Laureate differs. Here are the connections by pin number on the Jones plug:

1,2  AC switch
3 NC
4,5  24VAC for remote if used
7,8 Filament
9  see note below
10 B+ 250
11,12 push-pull plates
9 on the Laureate, brings up the 6L6 screen voltage (300VDC) from the amp;
9 on the Philharmonic and Phantom is the -27v bias feed

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