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i am needing help getting parts for a allwave 15 in a Warrington cabinet.

i am needing  the dial escutcheon and all the escutcheons on the front panel.

i would be happy to begin with obtaining a dial escutcheon.

can anyone help me out with obtaining these parts?

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Welsome to the Scott site.

Post a photo of your AW-15. front and back.

This your first Scott? 

Been collecting vintage radios long?

Unfortunately, escutcheons are a high demand item and they are difficult to find. You will sometimes see a cabinet panel on ebay. There are several production changes for the AW15 sets too. Volume is on the left, the static control on the right: does it have stops (if so, how many?) or is it continuous? I <may> be able to help on some things here, but I won't be able to check until Sunday.


David, yes This is my first scott, I have been collecting radios for 42 years.
Kent, I do appreciate your help, I would be happy to start with the dial window escutcheon .

FYI - there is tech info in the Info Archive - see top of the screen.

It will take you to a series of files. Choose Set Folders. Then select Allwave 15

Browse the several documents to get acquainted. Made from mid 1934 to mid 1935.

FYI - there are five circuit diagrams reflecting the significant evolution of the Scott AW-15 radio.

Tube sockets have tube number embossed on the tube socket.

Next - check the socket for 2nd detector - 3rd tube back on the far left end.  

Either - socket says 55 (later production) or no number with dark red button (early production).

A dark red button indicates was built as a Wunderlich tube model. 

A Wunderlich tube is a blue glass Arcturus tube with dark red base, has 2 control grids, is a push-pull full-wave 2nd detector and AF amplifier. It became scarce so some radios were modified to use the 55 tube.

NOTE - never remove the big coil wheel unless the band switch is on the broadcast band position (full counter clockwise) because of a switch in the antenna coil can - and do not move the band switch until the coil wheel is reinstalled. Otherwise, the risk is breaking that switch.

Find which instruction manual is closer to your radio. If yours is the 55 tube model - the manual with '5" in the name. Otherwise the other manual. Towards the back of each manual is an illustration showing tube numbers and locations. 

Remember, Scott radios were custom built. CAUTION:  hesitate making circuit changes to your example to conform to a Scott circuit diagram. Study solder connections for originality, before considering any change.  We have found 5 diagrams, but seven versions of the AW-15 among a group Scott collectors. And a specific radio may be transitional between 2 of the diagrams.

Continue this thread with any questions you have for this specific radio. 

Also, what is the action of your front, right static switch? 3 position, 5 position or just variable?

Not sure yet, I gave been dealing with finding the missing, cabinet escutcheons, and having the speaker restored.
I will post its function soon

My allwave 15 is the later version  55 tube, and the static switch is 3 position. 

The speaker is a special version Jensen. Two field coils. I have had  two that required B+ coil re-wound.

Good luck.

My speaker is in Florida at the speaker shop, being reconed and feild coil rewound

Does your chassis have variable sensivity or is it switched, if so how many positions.

Mike, it is switched, I believe it is a 3 position.

I have not started restoration of it yet, waiting on tubes for amp section and a 55 second detector tube.

I have customers majestic 70b i have to finish first,  then i will start on the scott.

mike hadley said:

Does your chassis have variable sensivity or is it switched, if so how many positions.

I want to thank all of you for helping me on this scott project, i have the parts to restore the set.

again thank you.

So, - you found a STATIC escutcheon?

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