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I spoke with a gentleman yesterday who has a number of Scott items he wants to sell. If you have any interest in these, please message me and I can provide more info. I do not have prices.

Philharmonic in Chippendale cabinet - excellent chrome

Warrington with AW23 - chrome good

Stamford with model Sixteen

Braemar with AM/FM Phantom

Westminster cabinet only (cut for AW23)


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Which Chippendale?  Long radio/phono credenza?  or the upright console?

The large 1940 style, with the phono compartment.

Also, add a Regent with an AW23 to the list.

Hi Kent

Approximately where are these items located ? Likely for pickup only ?

thank you

MInneapolis area. The fellow selling them is making a trip to PA around fahter's day, and can deliver anywhere along the route from Minneapolis to PA.

Updated info on this one:

The Chippendale cabinet is a cabinet only - no guts

Please let me know if there is any interest in any of these items.

The 6th photo down appears to be that of the Regent ? I see the “Z” like fret.

Also what did the Chippendale house ? If empty as you say, then I assume there’s no Philharmonic in this mix ?

There’s no accounting for the first cabinet pictured, Tasman for the AW 12 ?

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