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Hello my friends. It has been quite a while since I have posted. Between ill health and my wife's health problems, it has been a difficult time. 

In any event, we have been selling off our collection piece by piece. Also selling my huge vintage microphone collection which has pleasingly surprised me since I lose less money on them than with the radios, lol. But we need cash flow. 

I have a friend who may be interested in my Buckingham but I am at a loss as to what price to quote and need your help. I purchased it in 2012 on ebay when it soared up to 3,400 between me and friend Bruce Sorensen. I know I'll never see that amount, but here are the particulars. First, and best, it has near perfect chrome. Best I have seen, I'd rate it 9 1/2 out of 10. Second, it is a restored radio that plays fine. An older restoration. Third, it has all of the escutcheons missing. Fourth, it has some places where veneer needs to be replaced. Fifth, the cabinet is solid, not scratched or worn and still has shine. 

So, what do you think?

        many thanks,


PS. The next radio to go will be our prized WLW. We blundered by trying to auction it last Christmas. It was a poor timing. Also, the price was too high and next time (hopefully in May) things will be much better. 

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Okay guys, I just sent a group of photos that should "tell it all". Thanks again, Sam

Unfortunately, the pics are not showing here.  All I see is "unknown.jpg", or "unknown.tiff"

Scott, I guess I don't know what else to do. They transfer to this and the other boxes perfectly, but then you don't see them? Are you supposed to use a URL?  Thanks, Sam

Sam-Email a few to me and I will try to post them for you. You have my email already.

Thanks much Bruce. As they say "they are in the mail!".

Happy Sunday,


Very nice Philharmonic in a Buckingham cabinet!
Now I know that more than one came this way. I have the same radio.

Mine has all the escutcheons but I am missing the knobs and the scratch supressor control. My chrome is best described as good to fair.

I can not suggest a value based on what I paid because this radio was given to me. My total parts cost to make it work has been about $200. You can find photos of it in my photo and blog section.
Good luck with your sale!

Considerations would include:

chrome condition of receiver, of amp, playing, extensively recapped, complete, proper 15 inch Magnavox speaker, tweeter set, control escutcheons.

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