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Not sure if this is the correct...or appropriate place to let other Scott collectors know of an auction that will be posted this weekend.  Lots of radios and audio stuff in general, but this will be the first of two auctions from the estate of a large Scott collector from Texas.  Many of these are just chassis and speakers as the weather got to many of the cabinets before I did.  Included will be Scott accessories, i.e. volume expander, antenna switch, tweeters, etc.  If interested in further info, contact me at  

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Posting of Scott sets for sale or at auction is fine here. I checked the site but didn't see any pictures, etc. Is there a link to pics or other info?


Agree with Kent, I could not find any link to view the list of items.

I have

Jim said to be posted this coming weekend

I failed to clarify in my earlier post that the auction would be posted this Saturday.  I am completing the set up (photographing and describing) now and it will be an online only auction scheduled to close on March 27th.  There is a link on my website that if selected will instruct me to notify you when the pictures and auction info is posted ...and where.  I use as a platform to host my auctions.
I will repost on this Scott site after I put the pictures up for the auction and will include the link to the auction.
thanks for inquiry.

As promised, the most current radio auction by Sargent Auction Service (featuring Scott radios) is posted at

You may need to cut and past the link into your URL.  A few corrections will be made to photos and descriptions tomorrow.  Send inquiries to

The second sale of this estate (to be held in April) will feature 25 or more Scott radios.

Thanks Jim - there are quite a few Scott items in the sale! I may have missed it, are there shipping options for smaller items?


Yes, we offer custom shipping for anything we sell via auction.  The consoles are a bit of a problem, but we can usually figure out a solution.  More information regarding shipping is on our website, and on the auction details section of the iCollector link.


Many of the items in this collection were stored in less than desirable conditions and as a result, there is considerable cabinet damage....or no cabinets at all.  Our next sale, May 1, will feature the majority of his Scott radios.  We will not have a sale in April.

Anyone among us acquire the Scott FM from this sale. I'd like to know more about these rare pieces ?

Dave - I do know who bought the FM Tuner. I also own one. What would you like to know about them?


Thanks Kent. Generally I'd be interested in how folks would use these ie if they were plugged into radios or stand alone ?

The Scott FM tuner converts the old FM band (41-50 MHz) to a phono input. You place the tuner near your set, connect the output to the phono input, and presto: you have FM. For modern purposes, it can be used the same way, I have an 88-108 to 45mHz converter in front of it. These are built by fellow member Bill Liers and are great fun since you can play modern FM through your prewar Scott. 


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