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As most of you know, I've been gathering and analyzing Scott serial numbers for over 20 years. I have a couple requests....first, if you haven't sent me your serial numbers, please do. Also...if any of you have a confirmed date for a set/serial number, please send me that. There is a warranty tag on ebay at the moment, these are great, since they have the date and serial number on them. A letter with a date is also good confirmation. I would greatly appreciate any info you fellows can provide. I'll post more about serial numbers here in the future.


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Hi Kent 

I just acquired a Phantom Deluxe Fm radio/phono in a Sheraton cabinet 12" pedestal speaker

serial number KK 372.

and a sixteen in a acousticraft cabinet HH 120 

Thanks, both of those are new to the database.


I just acquired a Scott Masterpiece (14-tuber) with an aftermarket Browning FM tuner installed in 1947, serial no. ZZ-215.


Thanks, I did not have that Masterpiece in the database. That only makes the 44th Masterpiece serial number. The production estimate for the Masterpiece is about 500 units.



Is the database posted somewhere that we can look at it?


Russ -

No, I don't publish it as it represents years of work and research and I hope someday to do more documentation on Scott radios. If there are specific things you would like to know, please ask. 


Hello! I'm new here. I recently acquired a Scott Phantom. Is there any information available for serial no. HH499? Thank you.

So, I know we talked on FB, but I got my notebooks out last night, this is a significant serial number for my research. The HH prefix has some Phantom sets followed by all of the known FM tuners (there are only 8 of those known). I also knew the FM tuners have at least one early FM Phantom interspersed in the block (it's a early set because the FM IF section is bolted on to the side of a standard Phantom). So we can't really say how many FM tuners were built. Then this is an FM Phantom but the chassis is continuous, showing it is a later production. This increases the possible Phantom production, and leaves me open ended on the FM tuner highest number. The serial number analysis is a dynamic research project.

Hi Kent,

After many hours of research here, I've decided to join the group here and begin the process of restoring what I believe to be an AW 12 Deluxe. The serial number is M193.  It has been in my wife's family for a long time, maybe since new.  Unfortunately, it has been passed around to several family members over the years and any documentation has been lost.  I'm hopeful you can give me some kind of indication as to when it was made.  I wish you all the best with your project and am sorry that I have no more info than the serial number.


Todd -

Thanks, I didn't have that serial number in my list. I can't tell you much, but I do know it was built sometime in the latter half of 1933 - M-144 was built July 5 1933, your number is about 50 greater...I'd guess fall 1933. By spring of 1934, Scott was selling the AW15 sets. Could be a Christmas 1933 era set...



 Another serial number for you:

***F-78***     Allwave 12 Deluxe.  Original speaker missing, replaced with E.H. Scott twin Rola speakers as seen in early version Deluxe chassis such as this.

You may already have this serial number via Dave Poland.  What do you think on this set's production date?



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