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As most of you know, I've been gathering and analyzing Scott serial numbers for over 20 years. I have a couple requests....first, if you haven't sent me your serial numbers, please do. Also...if any of you have a confirmed date for a set/serial number, please send me that. There is a warranty tag on ebay at the moment, these are great, since they have the date and serial number on them. A letter with a date is also good confirmation. I would greatly appreciate any info you fellows can provide. I'll post more about serial numbers here in the future.


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Another Scott (16) on Ebay with readable s/n:

Alas, can not be shipped across the pond.



Very nice Acousticraft and very honest collector.

Hope this radio find a good home :-)

I am sure it will. Pity it's not me...

Another Scott (Phantom?) with serial number on Ebay:

Hi Kent,

The serial numbers for my two AW23 units are F-641 and M-503.

Kindest regards,


The seller purchased this contrivance at a local auction for $575 plus comission and tax while I was driving home from LA with an RCA Berkshire Secretary in tow.  He was frustrated that he had to pay so much!  I was hoping that it would be purchased by someone interested in fixing it up.


J.M. said:

Leonid,at this price,has scarce opportunities to leave the home of the seller...


Bob -  Thanks...those are a great help. Kent
Kent, I am new to the forum and would like to add my Sixteen Serial to your list, DD44. I purchased it from the original owners estate, making me the second owner. I am starting a restore on it. I would appreciate any info you might have on this reciever also. I have some photos posted. Lonnie

Lonnie -


Thank you for the serial number....looking at the photos, you've got a nice set there. Chrome looks good and the Acousticraft cabinet is a very nice example. Please send me your email address and I will send you some PDF files; copies of the Scott information on the model 16.



Kent, also new to this forum and thought you might want the S/N of my Scott.Philharmonic AM-FM  A little background on the radio, I have had it since the mid 1970s.  It is my understanding that in 1972 it was in a repair shop which flooded.  Fortunately for the radio its chassis and power supply were upstairs on the bench, unfortunately the cabinet and speaker were destroyed in the flood. I believe that was a Warrington cabinet as I remember it   I acquired it shortly after and built a box for it and got it operational.  I also made slight modifications back in the 70s to the power supply to permit the use of a PM speaker.  (It can easily be put back to original though if I decide to get an original speaker.)  Currently I am using a JBL 12 inch,  two tweeters, and midrange which sounds great.


I have used it .since then for SWL and have done recapping and maintained it in good condition.  Chrome is good, slight pitting on a couple spots but otherwise polishes up beautifully.   Currently I am debating whether to try to either have a copy of the original cabinet made or put it in a home-built cabinet with a plexiglas cover to display the chassis while protecting it from damage.One I can do myself, the other is beyond my abilities and would obviously be expensive.


S/N is RR-344, no other documentation.  I do have a photocopy of the service info though.  Appreciate any other background the number may provide.

Jim -


Unfortunately, the RR prefix can't tell me much. Every "RR" set is a Philharmonic. I only have one date in the series and it is one of the lower numbers....and besides, since you have an FM Phil, we know it is probably 1941. I wish I could tell you more. If you send me your email, I can send you a PDF of the FM Phil owner's manual if you are interested.



S/N: UU 116 - looks like all original Scott Phantom in Acousticraft caninet on e-bay:



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