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Quick research question for all of you....many Scott sets have "paper" with them...letters, advertising, etc. I am trying to find the earliest use of the violin logo. The first known appearance in an ad is in the May 1937 issue of Radio News. Scott had letterhead paper with the logo, but the earliest example I have is in early 1938....well after the use in the ad. They also had envelopes with the logo as well.

Would you take a few minutes to look through any paper you might have and tell me the earliest confirmed date that you have for its use? A letterhead with date, a postmark, anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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The earliest I have is August 1937 National Geographic advertisement.


A quick look shows the logo on the front of the Scott News dated April '37. My favorite Philharmonic cabinet btw.


Thanks to both for the quick replies.

Curt - I didn't have a reference to that National Geographic ad...Scott frequently advertised in NG.

Bill - Yes, this SN issue is the very first appearance of the logo that we know of at present.

I'm curious to see when they started using it on letters and envelopes too...thanks!!

Scott letter dated May 4 1937

Thanks Dave!...that has to be pretty close to the first use...

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