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When Scott first introduced the new Allwave Deluxe set, it really wasn't much different than the 1931 2-dial set with the newly developed rotating coil assembly. The tube lineup includes four 24A tubes (1st det and three IF tubes), four 56 tubes (osc, 2nd det and two AF stages) and a 51 (RF), plus the amplifier. The set does not have AVC: front panel controls are just a 3-position sensitivity control and a volume control that varies the IF bais. These sets were produced in the summer and fall of 1932, by December, the Allwave Deluxe with AVC (using a Wunderlich 2nd det) was being sold.

The non-AVC 12 is fairly rare, having only been produced for a few months. I have one in my collection and have only seen a very few others. I finally began restoring mine after the holiday. The first challenge was a schematic - there is not one published in any Scott literature. There is a schematic in the November 1932 Radio Craft magazine (with an article written by Scott). However, this diagram doesn't show a power supply and doesn't entirely match my non-AVC set (serial #A-229). So I set about drawing a diagram for my set and amp. These are attached, I'll upload some pics of the set soon.

Does anyone else have a non-AVC Allwave Deluxe?


And yes, this is the set that prompted my earlier question about the dual speaker system.

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Had an early single dial DELUXE  with your above tube lineup. Sold to Al Germond at Lansing July 2017.

Clean and unrestored  - Ser# B-91 in a Warrington highboy. 3 step sensitivity control.

But mine had a 5 pin speaker speaker socket on the amp for a single speaker, and accordingly, the voltage divider was in the amp like the 2-DIAL model. Yours is a bit later production.

Again, Scott was a custom set builder and his sets evolved during a model run. 

Over the weekend I cut wood and made a mount for the twin speaker set. Finally got it together tonight and into the cabinet. Sound is really good. The set is difficult to operate without AVC, strong stations overload are constantly adjusting the sensitivity and volume. This set is really good on SW too, I had no trouble pulling in stations on all 3 SW bands. I'm pretty happy with this set now...

I had an early AW12 with the dual Rolo speakers till  I had Willie sell it for me last year. It was a great sounding radio and not sure if it had AVC but the odd thing was there was no static (aka Tone) control on the back side. The preset tone was very nice. It was in some non Scott cabinet with a slide out desk board in the middle where a past owner recorded his station reception. As I recall I purchased it years ago from a fellow in the Denver area.

I didn't show the tone control in my schematic, but I have one on this set that looks like it was factory added, but after original production. The hole is rough drilled and not plated through, and the soldering isn't quite as smooth as the original connections. I suspect it went in for repair later and they added the tone control Works well, and I'm glad it is on mine.

Appears there was an evolution on tone controls from the era of the 2-dial , AW-12 to the AW-15- sometimes no tone control. sometime just a toggle on-off, or a variable pot with cap, or stepped control with cap/resistor circuit like my late AW-15.

Early on, seems Scott thought the audio was so perfect, no control needed.  Have seen an AW-12 without a tone control on the back corner.  But the trend appeared of be was useful to help control static (and record scratch).

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