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Deep throat toggle switches for Scott and McMurdo Silver consoles available here...


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Thanks!  I needed one.

Thanks! Me! (I ordered two)

Those were sets of 5. You ordered 10?

Argh!!! I didn't see that! LOL! Well...I guess I will have a few...

David C. Poland said:

Those were sets of 5. You ordered 10?

Brad - almost fooled me too. I wanted a couple and will share with Kent.

But bet others may want to buy  a switch or two from you over time.

Oh crap.  I thought they were singles and would be around a little while.....If I knew it was a set of 5, I would have been right on it. 

Well, I got you all beat.  I didn't see that either and ordered 3!  Still, not a bad price for 15 switches!

Scott, I'll send you a couple for the Philly schematics you sent me!

Lol! So, now that many Scott aficionados have them, there shouldn't be a shortage for awhile. I'll be glad to sell a few to those that need them.

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