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Upcoming Estes Auction with several Scott radios

Of note, lot 92 is a Scott Special Communications Receiver, and lot 155 is an Allwave-27 in a Warwick Grande cabinet. 

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You and me both Kent!

We've discussed irregularities near ad nauseam re knobs, estrucheons and period "correct" sales pamphlets. Clearly guidance was loose or at Dept. discretion. I doubt tooling for this seemingly "rare" set, was done purposely for low numbers. If so, the select few purchasers may have been lured with EH's personal touch. We'd only know that if we sat down and peeked inside looking for "custom" modifications between sets, decisions EH certainly quantified in his own settings.

Kent .... here's one theory on the plaques. Scott produces 25 radios and they all had a plate that said "Custom Built for E. H. Scott" engraved on them. When they sold one of these radios the customer had the option to have their name engraved on a new plate or they just kept it with the plate with "Custom Built for E. H. Scott" on it.

I knew about this Estes Scott Special radio back in 2017 through some friends that were negotiating with Joe to buy his rare and valuable Gable jukeboxes in his vast jukebox collection. They sent me a photos his Scott Special radio that had "Custom Built for E. H. Scott" engraved on it. I asked my friends if they could ask Joe about the radio's provenance and if he would consider selling it. He told my friends that the radio was given to Scott's banker as a gift from Scott. Joe bought the radio from the estate of the banker and that is what the family told him. Joe said the radio was really valuable and he was not sure at the time if he wanted to sell it or not. 

Kent King said:

OK, I had long ago noted the differences in the Specials picture with E.H. I've compiled a list of those differences and which sets have what unique features. I would not find it hard to believe that Scott might personally test every Special that was built...but of course, that still leaves the nameplate as a question. I suppose they added it for the promo pics. There are so many questions I wish I could ask dear old Ernest....thanks!


Not a bad thought, might explain why "his" set isn't the first serial number...makes it a bit harder to explain my Special, made for the "New Zealand Legation". Supposedly, Scott gave it to their embassy office in Chicago. If he donated it to them, you'd think he might leave his name on it. Or maybe they were asked what to put on it and that's what they came up with. I'm sure EH was on great terms with the local NZ office there, the most famous NZ national in the area.

It is one mystery we will likely never solve.


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