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When I bought my radio it was missing a couple of the coils and I found replacements.  Recently there was an eBay auction  for a set of coils and the person took very good pictures of the coils.  I noticed a discrepancy between the ones pictured and mine.  The 15-21 and the 21-27 were opposite for which had the red dot.  I will include the picture I borrowed from eBay and the picture of mine.  Which is correct?

The second set lying on the table scarf are mine. 

Ron Babb


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Page 6 in the manual (in the Archive) shows some additional coil identification info.


Also, more that one version exists of the plug in coil set for the 2-Dial Scott.

It is not uncommon for the caps to come loose from the coils.  There is a fair chance that the caps of the eBay set were switched when replaced on the coils.


OK, your 15-21 coils are backwards with the red dot. The red dot cap should be on the coil that has the single 4-turn winding. The cap without the red dot should be on the coil that has the enamel and cotton covered wires interwoven. Hope that makes sense!

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