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Question for the group. Should the antenna tuner coil have a cover?

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Correction - You are missing a paper/cardboard tube over the coil. I was looking for a pic in my files but didn't find one quickly. I'll try to locate a pic - I know I have some...Kent 

Found a good pic: 

Any thoughts from the group how this can be made or procured? Thanks

Try various cardboard tubes til you find one that fits, then cut to length.

Toilet paper tubes, Christmas paper, paper towel, baking powder ... 

Document shipping tube, some black paint, and some felt for the top (representative photo appears to show a felt top) and it is done. Next replacement of the new style capacitor with something more vintage.

John -  Some AW-12 receivers had one filter and some two at the right front corner.

Here is a photo of mine, should be original. note the breathing holes on top. 

With Mother's Mag polish, will shine up almost like chrome.     IMG_0215.jpeg

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