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allwave 12 deluxe - what voltage for filter caps in power supply

hi to everyone I am about to order caps for recapping my allwave 12 power supply. I can not seem to find voltage rating for the caps. Would anyone have that information?

my thanks in advance

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I replace with modern readily available 10 MFD @ 450 volts electrolytic underneath amp on a terminal strip.

Same for the one (or two) on the front corner of the receiver.

Keep the originals in place for appearance. They will really shine up almost like chrome with Mother's Mag Polish from the auto supply dept. 

Hi David, thank you for the information. The schematic seems to show 3 x 8uf , so should I use 10uf for these?

Also there is a 2uf. should I keep that value or go a bit higher. I will order 450 volts for all of these



I use the 10 uf, I keep them in stock for the early Scotts. I'd stick close to the 2 ufd, but it's not all that critical, a 4.7ufd would work.


You can readily get Panasonic ECQ series film capacitors at 2.2uF at 630v for a few dollars each.  They will work fine to replace those 2uF units.  For electrolytics, I only use top quality brands like Nichicon, Panasonic, Illinois Capacitor, etc.   Mouser is my supply house of choice. 

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